EasyTestMaker is a tool for creating tests, quizzes, questionnaires, exams or activities. This online tool is fairly simple to use, and can be useful for any school subject.

How it works & Features

Here is a 10 minutes video tutorial and positive critique of how to use EasyTestMaker.

There is a simple menu on the left side of the screen. First, you have to decide the Heading of your test. You simply click the green + sign to add any type of question you want. You can chose within Short Answers, Multiple Choice, True or False, Matching, and Fill in the blank. You can also choose a question from another test, instead of having to re-write it.

When you edit your questions, you have an Advanced Options menu. You can specify the point value of every answer, add images, charts, graphs, gifs, etc. You also have a spell check icon that can be used.

You can format your test as you wish, adding instructions, dividing it into sections, decide if you want questions to appear on a different page, and change the questions’ order as you wish.

When you are done creating you test, you can generate alternate versions. This is done automatically by the software, which randomizes the questions, so they appear in a different order from version to version.

The tests and answer keys can be downloaded to your computer as a Word document or a PDF, for later use. It can be directly printed, but most importantly, it can be published online.  When the tests are published online, they can be automatically graded. The software can identify the answers from the answer key, and add up the deserved points, according to how many points were attributed in the Advanced Options menu.

EasyTestMaker is available in three different pricing plans. There is a free version, the Plus version at a 44,95$ rate per year, or the premium version, which costs 74,95$ per year.

The tool is recommended on different teachers’ websites, blogs or forums.

EdTechTeacher is a website that recommends online tools, applications or various technologies to use in a teaching context. EasyTestMaker was rated 4 out of five ans was considered easy to use.

Web 2.0 Teaching Tools, a blog for teachers, chose EasyTestMaker in a top 5 Quiz generators for online educators.

“This robust tool includes a spell check function, which comes in handy for those of us creating tests late at night.”

EasyTestMaker for ESL teachers

Using EasyTestMaker with the online feature enables the teacher to give quizzes for homework. For teachers of English as a second language, this can be a beneficial strategy. Since the English as a second language teachers do not see their classes as often as French or mathematics teachers do, assigning individual tests to be done at home can maximize the time spent in class to communicate and practise oral interactions with peers or whole group discussions. Evaluating the students’ understanding of the materials is equally important as oral practise, but this way, it can be done outside of the in class periods, which is not possible with oral interactions.

It is nice that students are able to take the test from home, and still be able to have an instantaneous feedback on how well they did, or what they did wrong. They do not need to wait for the teacher collecting it the next class, waiting for it to be graded and then have the answer key, so late that they do not even remember the questions, and are less inclined to correct themselves and learn from their mistakes.

Depending on the kind of tests you administer, EasyTestMaker can allow students to reflect longer before responding. In the case of a reading comprehension test, by doing it on a computer, the student has a lot of resources available to him. For instance, he could use an online dictionary, a thesaurus or a translating device. Because he has no specific amount of time to complete it, it can reduce stress, and provide more time to construct better sentences and well-thought answers.

On the other hand, if you administer a homework test that requires no processing like a reading comprehension, students may be tempted to cheat. For example, if the test consists of simple answers on vocabulary words or irregular verbs, there is a great deal of chances the student will get the answers online. These kind of tests should therefore be done during class, at a computer lab.

In these cases of short-answer tests, the automatic correction and alternate versions generator features come in handy. The teacher can save a lot of time correcting. Plus, if the test is done during a period in the computer lab, you can create 3 different versions of the same test, so as to reduce cheating. You just have to make sure that students seated directly next to each other have different versions of the text. This way, even if they peek at their neighbour’s screen, they cannot cheat.

My personal opinion

Why I like it…

I think that EasyTestMaker is very convenient, since it is very simple to use. I have experimented on the free version and had no trouble at all creating a test and an answer key without looking at any tutorial or reading instructions. It like it when things are simple and self-explanatory.



Also, as a person who cares about the environment, I believe that taking tests online can be a very nice solution to reduce paper copies that are only going to serve once.

Furthermore, any tool that allows me to save time always has a great place in my esteem. As a future teacher, I will need to have concrete strategies and a very organized schedule in order not to lose time. Having tests automatically corrected will be useful.

What I dislike about it…

As useful as EasyTestMaker can be, I disliked the look of the interface. As a matter of fact, the design of the interface does not look up to date. One would use the site in order to integrate technology into their teaching practise, but the design looks old and too straightforward. It would add a dynamic value if the creators updated their graphical design.

Also, I find it disappointing that most of the interesting features are only available to the paying versions. The free version does not allow you to format your text (choose your font, bold, centre), to add images or graphs, to publish online or the automatically grade the tests. Furthermore, the premium version costs 74,95$ per year, which is expensive for the amount of benefits related to it. I’m not sure if I would devote a part of my budget to use this software.









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